Trsto, an Opportunity to Build Global Credibility, Validate Ideas, and Earn μs

Who We Are

We are ex-big 4 Consultants, ex-Googlers, and Cornellians who are ready to take over the world of lending to help individuals and businesses

What We Do

We have pledged to revolutionize the lending business in a never imagined fashion, we are here to help customers in need and make them successful in The Credible Way

How We Will Do that

  • Revolutionizing the way credit is defined and perceived

  • Removing redundancy and inefficiencies in the lending

  • Launching unique ways to reduce bad debts, as a result, low interest rates for you!

  • Providing an online platform to support AI-driven profile evaluation and providing a marketplace and beyond

We thrive in creating a difference by solving complex problems and eliminating inefficiencies. With decades of experience and years of effort, we came up with a better model of money lending by integrating several dimensions and aspects with finance and technology.