Built on Trust

Trsto is adding the missing pillars to the current credit rating system, it gives you the power of building a trust circle and helps you build a Trust Score.

Earn Trstos, Spread vibes, and Live the Journey

Build Global Trust Score

We can't imagine local credit scores in this global hyperconnected world.

Current credit rating systems were designed years back, they lack modern and technological touch, they are not global, and do not consider dimensions outside Finance realm

Build Trust Circle

My friends know me better than any institution, we can count on them

Your friends know you better than any financial institution, they know and understand the difference between when the intent was wrong and when times were not in favor

Spread Vibes

Credit Rating should not be boring, where is the fun part!

Trsto lets you share your views, validate ideas, and spread that positive vibe this universe is looking for. Your don't change as a person when you move across a different country, take your score and vibes along

You don't dig a well when you are thirsty, start building your score and start earning Trstos!

Our Mission

  • Revolutionizing the way credit is defined and perceived

  • Removing redundancy and inefficiencies in entire process

  • Launching unique ways to reduce bad debts, as a result, low interest rates for you!

  • Providing an online platform to support AI-driven evaluation and providing a marketplace and beyond